About Earth Friendly Goodies

Earth Friendly Goodies started in 2009 as the hippest, coolest, funky-freshiest place to find a couple of eco-geek artists who review, and list for sale, products that are made of sustainable materials or produced by companies that use earth friendly processes or support the fair trade movement.

Soon after starting Earth Friendly Goodies we discovered a love for natural health topics; recipes, homemade cleaning products, local pasture raised real food and products that loosely fit with living green and a respect for the environment but needed their own home - a new site Natural Health Goodies was born.... but, we've returned to our roots - and they are now much stronger as the two sites have intertwined into one site that is good for the earth and good for our health. The perfect combination.

If you want to live a healthier life through real food recipes, fermentation tips and tricks, curious cultured concoctions, natural cleaning products or home remedies you'll enjoy the natural health portion of our site. We'll continue to expand the natural health section with more recipes, natural remedies, green cleaners, essential oil information and hot topics that keep us living a life free of processed gunkety gunk.

If you dig eco-cool outdoor gear, bags or backpacks like we do don't miss the Earth Friendly review section of our site. We’ll show you some of our favorite eco-goodies so they can become your favorites. From time to time we'll post up some very interesting earth friendly products and information about the companies that make them.

Even if you aren’t an eco-geek you’ll be pleased to know that your purchase is helping improve the planet and the lifestyles of all of us on it. Many of the companies we feature give a generous one percent of their profits to 1% for the Planet, an organization that helps protect the earth we love. Others make fair trade products, or give generous donations to organizations that help people all around the world. Go ahead give yourself a pat on the back – you deserve it...

Leave the tree hugging to us.

And EFG is still the funky-freshiest place to find a couple of eco-geek artists we are just naturally funky now...

About the Earth Friendly Bloggers:


Chris is a dabbler in the most dabblest sense of the word, his esoteric tastes lead him to pursue knowledge in whatever form strikes him at the moment (including making up words like dabblest). He is one of those nature lovers who likes the smell of rain, the feel of wind against his skin, the taste of great earth food, the sound of a trickling stream, and a golden sunset reflected in a sparkling ocean. (he also likes to spin in his desk chair when he gets board... and use parenthesis and dot dot dots when he writes)


While she claims she hasn't a knack at the keyboard in fact spins tails in her head that would rival the most bestest of writers. When the contents of her head do spill forth her ideas and eco-friendly finds act as Chris' muse to lay down the most deft declarations he so proudly declares. Whew that was fun. Brandi does not like to spin in her desk chair when she gets board - it makes her spill forth the contents of her stomach rather than those in her head.


Sandra has a Psychology degree and a minor in Quality of Life Planning. As an herbal tea drinking, journal writing observer of humanity, she has many interests including herbal remedies, probiotics and other "do-it-yourself" approaches to alternative medicine and natural health. She loves visiting hot springs, relaxing in nature, learning about earth friendly lifestyles, worm composting, eco-villages, community building, good conversations, gardening, and bubbletea.

Sandra does not have a spinning chair, but keeps a foot massager (or two) by her desk for when she needs a break from those pesky research articles.