Jambu Coastline and Ladybug Sandals for Moms and Daughters

jambu ladybug and jambu coastline rugged but cute sandals

The shoe fairy has struck again~ as I reach for the box that just arrived outside my front door.... Oooo my new Springalicious Jambu shoes I can't wait to try them on. Although it's been a mild winter I am looking forward to this nice weather and getting some sandals on my feet!!!  Well, I open the box and light …

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Jambu Nomad Waterproof Boots or Super Cozy Slippers?

Is it wrong to want to wear your winter boots around the house like slippers? Well, that's what I did for the first day when I got my new Jambu Nomad boots. I wasn't sure when the right time to wear boots outdoors was. Normally at this time of year we have plenty of snow and everyone would have to …

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Jambu Splendor: Flashy Fall Designer Girl Shoes with Style

Jambu Splendor designer girl shoes

There comes a time in every little girls life when she forms an opinion on style and what she wants to wear - little did we know it would be age three! If you walk into our daughter's room around bedtime you'll most often find a complete body print of the outfit she plans on wearing the next day. An …

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No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Vegan High Boots Review

jambu colorado vegan boots

As chance would have it we were having a mini family reunion when my Jambu Colorado Vegan high boots arrived and let me tell you it was fun seeing everyone's reaction. The over-all consensus amid the oohs and ahhs over the unique look was a general agreement that these Jambu vegan high boots were something different. When I think about …

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Jambu Montana: Cute Girl Shoes with a Sense of Adventure

jambu montana girls shoe

I was sitting at the computer gazing longingly at a pair of high boots on sale when I caught a flash of hot pink from the corner of my eye - a runaway pink flamingo from the zoo? No couldn't be. I heard the tell tale scrape of the kitchen step stool followed by the brief clatter of the snack …

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My Raspberry Pink Jambu Shoe Love Affair

jambu raspberry sandals

I now believe in love at first sight. While walking through Nordstroms I spied the shoes of my dreams - Jambu Planet Vegan shoes? Sounds like a delectably delightful ice-cream flavor. Only these delightful Jambu Mary Janes were a treat for my feet. My feet stopped unable to leave the mall. They had to know how they'd fit - these …

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Earth Exer-Clogs: My New Sexy-Bum-a-Nators

Exer-Clogs from Earth

Fall is officially here and what better way to celebrate the beauty of the fall season than buying a new earthy pair of shoes - or Earth Shoes to be more precise. And Earth Shoes has just the thing for those with the urge to splurge and the passion for fall fashion - Exer-Clogs! Exer-Clogs are the latest addition to …

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Earth Port Sandals: Cool Eco-Friendly Sandals Free Sexy Bum

earthport kalso earth shoes

I’ve been dying to try Earth Shoes ever since I first read about them – so far I am still procrastinating but after reading that Planet Shoes has a summer sale going on I may have to put off putting it off. Take these wicked cool Earth Port sandals for example, as with all Earth Shoes they help strengthen and …

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