Can You Dehydrate Green Smoothies? You Betcha!

dehydrate green smoothie

Someone asked me the other day "can you dehydrate green smoothies?" It got me thinking and the answer is of course you can. The easiest way to dehydrate green smoothies is to calculate the coefficient of friction by dividing the volume of smoothie in Liters by the Square Root of Pi... well ok it might be even easier than that …

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Frozen Yogurt Hearts A Creative Healthy Homemade Valentine Treat Idea

valentine yogurt treats

Ok so you've got your Valentine e-cards all ready to send, your Valentine flowers are on order, you've even got your Valentine theme iPod case all wrapped up for your sweetie or teeny bopper but what about a little love for yourself. (what do you mean you bought the valentine theme iPod case for you - naughty naughty) Well if …

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