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Dear Paco Underhill: Not Why We Buy But Should We Buy

why we buy the science of shopping

So why do we buy? Imagine this: you’ve just entered your favorite store. The aisles are wide so you don’t feel rushed, the merchandise is highly visible and comfortable to reach even with a bad back, and the words practically jump out at you, so easy to read! So pleased are you with the layout of the store, the inviting …

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My iPhone Just Got Greener – the Kindle for iPhone App

There have been plenty of articles and blog posts on the eco-friendly Amazon Kindle - the jury is still out I suppose on whether or not the Kindle is as eco-friendly as they claim, but one thing that can't be disputed is that ebook readers are here to stay. For those who buy a lot of books it would certainly …

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Warm Winter Night with Ed Begley Jr’s Eco-Friendly Life

Last Spring I read a short little interview with Ed Begley Jr. about how to cost effectively green your home. At the time he was helping Natural Health Magazine choose the winners for the 2009 Green Choice Awards. He gave a few green tips we all hear often but procrastinate on implementing like rain water collection barrels for watering house …

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