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Better Oats: Instant Oatmeal that I’d actually feed to my Children

organic oatmeal from better oats

If you’ve looked at the ingredient list of your average instant oatmeal I hope you have a degree in chemistry – or a very nimble tongue, and plenty of time on your hands because the list is long and unpronounceable – not a good sign when buying food. I’ve recently discovered Better Oats® – quite simply as the name implies – they are better oats. Well, instant oatmeal anyway. Better Oats makes 9 … Continue Reading »

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Vegetable Garden Tips and a Gardening Cookbook to Boot

All New Square Foot Gardening Cookbook

Spring is still calling… very softly for those of us up north, but when that warm sun teases me through the window I start to get in the mood to play in some dirt and try my hand at growing some nice healthy weeds along with my spinach and basil. Last year I had discovered Square Foot Gardening one of the best selling garden books on Amazon and at the time had noticed … Continue Reading »

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Pass the farmers market please: Cell-nique 31 Super foods in a bottle

cellnique superfood drink

I just drank a farmer’s market in a bottle, well at least part of one – I think they left out the organic lotions and grass fed beef thank goodness. This time of year when my garden is two feet under snow it gets a bit hard to just step outside and enjoy some fresh greens not to mention the 31 varieties of super foods that are found in a bottle of Cell-nique. … Continue Reading »

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Fair Trade Handmade Gift Basket with Organic Coffee and Chocolates

If you are looking for a unique handmade gift that is both a splash of art for the eyes and a tasty treat for the palate take a look at this fair trade gift basket. This simple yet beautiful handmade beaded basket is chock full of fair trade organic goodies. Includes organic fair trade coffee, three organic fair trade chocolate bars and is rounded off with a box of fair trade chocolate-covered Brazil … Continue Reading »

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Treat Fluffy to Halloween Organic Catnip Toys from Yeowww!

organic catnip toys

Tis the season for creepy crawlies, spooky ghosts and black cats! In all the legends and superstitions about black cats never once have I seen a way to tame these darkly dangerous wildly witchy creatures… until now. (well except for scratching their bellies so they roll over like a fluff ball while you ooooh and ahh over what a nice little kitty they are – but that kind of ruins the dark mysterious … Continue Reading »

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Healthy Banana Bread Recipe with a Mango Ginger Twist

mango ginger banana bread recipe

A Healthy Whole Wheat Banana Bread Recipe with a Mango Twist and Ginger Surprise Sometimes the best recipe experiments are a result of ingredients that have to be used up before they go bad – that works especially well for a banana bread recipe since you need super ripe bananas – what better way to use up those brown skin beauties. Well this time I not only had a few very ripe bananas … Continue Reading »

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Organic Dog Treats: My Dog Eats Better Than I Do

organic dog treats

Thanks to Big Bark Bakery and their All Natural Bare Bones organic dog treats my dog eats better than I do. Sure we try to eat organic when we can but little Fido (he asked to use a pseudonym for privacy reasons – he’s shy like that) gets the gourmet treatment around here with these mighty tasty organic dog treats. Not that I’ve taken a bite myself to find out, but with ingredients … Continue Reading »

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Indoor Worm Composting in Small Spaces with the Worm Factory

indoor worm composting

My adventures in Worm Composting in a small apartment begin today! Are you tired of throwing perfectly good food scraps, junk mail, cardboard, and coffee grounds into the trash? I certainly am, but for a long time being wasteful just seemed like one of the unavoidable evils of living in a small apartment and having no yard to speak of. Despite this setback, I’ve been researching different compost options all summer long, hoping … Continue Reading »

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