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Beware of Catnip Crazed Cat: An Herby AeroGarden Overthrow

aerogrow aerogarden

Catnip Crazed Cat Chooses the AeroGrow AeroGarden Paws Down As winter grows closer and closer these days thoughts of square foot gardens and fresh herbs have to be put on hold until next spring. I feel somewhat sorry for my basil plant as it struggles inside and if it had eyes I’m sure they would longingly gaze outside and yearn for warmer days and fresh air. I was perusing the latest “daily deals” … Continue Reading »

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Eco-Friendly Hand Made Wooden USB flash Drives

If you’ve been wishing you could show off your green nature while playing on the computer I’ve found the perfect thing. Eco-friendly wooden USB flash drives! These custom hand made USB flash drives sold by “buygreenonline” at eBay’s earth friendly World of Good are sure to strike up a conversation at the local coffee shop or library plus you get to show off your eco-friendly nature. (or if you are in a pinch … Continue Reading »

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FastSkinz: Record Setting Speedo for Your Car

What would you do to save $250 a year in gas? Wear a pink TuTu and dance around the office singing I’m a Little Teapot? How about outfit your car with a Speedo? Both sound a little on the crazy side but the latter is actually an option. Well not really a Speedo but a vehicle wrap material, called MPG-Plus™ that is made by FastSkinz, Inc. This vehicle wrap, that works (and shares … Continue Reading »

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Save the Rainforest with Green Search Engines

Have you ever been searching the web and thought to yourself “self, I sure wish I could do more to help the environment, but I’m stuck here at my computer all day and don’t have the time to get up and grab an organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich much less do my part to save the planet.” Well, that’s what I was thinking (work with me here I’m using creative license) just … Continue Reading »

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Organic ECO Cases for the New iPhone 3.0

As we Mac and iPhone geeks drool over the news from WWDC 2009 my thoughts turn to what eco-cool accessories can we spiff up our new Apple toys with – and particularly the new iPhone 3G S. I was hoping I would find some cool eco-friendly fair trade iPhone cases at eBay’s World of Good, but so far the selection is slim – perhaps they will be inspired by the news from WWDC … Continue Reading »

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