Beware of Catnip Crazed Cat: An Herby AeroGarden Overthrow

Catnip Crazed Cat
Chooses the AeroGrow AeroGarden Paws Down

AeroGrow AeroGarden Herb Growing Kit Stainless Steel As winter grows closer and closer these days thoughts of square foot gardens and fresh herbs have to be put on hold until next spring. I feel somewhat sorry for my basil plant as it struggles inside and if it had eyes I'm sure they would longingly gaze outside and yearn for warmer days and fresh air.

I was perusing the latest "daily deals" email of great Holiday shopping ideas today and stumbled upon the AeroGrow AeroGarden - I could almost feel my basil plant's leaves rustle in excitement. If you haven't heard about the Aerogrow it is a home growing device about the size of a bread box that uses Aeroponic technology which means the plants grow in air and water, not dirt. My basil plant stirred with excitement as I read to him that plants grow five times faster using this method of eco-friendly growing.

Reading over the 200+ positive reviews of the AeroGrow was exciting as well. Hearing professional chefs rave over the quality of the herbs and plants had my basil plant nearly knocking me over to get to the "add to cart" button. And when I got to the part about the AeroGrow nutrient tablets being organic, according to American Association of Food Control Officials standards my basil was almost weeping with relief. (not to mention glaring at me that I wasn't reaching for my credit card yet).

I researched further to find that the AeroGrow can grow a wide variety of salad greens, tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers, flowers, and even catnip for those frisky kitties. The AeroGrow even comes with a free aerogarden seed kit to grow fresh Italian Basil, Purple Basil, Chives, Dill, Mint, Parsley & Thyme - you can just imagine what effect this had on my basil. Images of a bounty of fresh friends and perhaps the promise of a bit of Italian romance flitted through his head - I can hardly blame him for what came next...

There must be a secret language spoken between cats and herbs because before I knew it my scrawny little basil plant was waving distractedly in the air while my cat with a catnip crazed look in its eyes pounced on the "1-Click ordering" button - the deal was sealed I had a new AeroGrow AeroGarden on its way.

I can hardly blame them as I said, the thought of fresh healthy herbs and salads year round does give one a bit of a euphoric tingle.

Find a Good Deal on the Aerogrow AeroGarden System for Sale Below

Aerogarden Seed Starting System No Dirt Seed Tray Indoor Garden 50 Seedlings
Aerogarden Seed Starting System No Dirt Seed Tray Indoor Garden 50 Seedlings
Time Remaining: 12d 6h 45m
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Miracle Gro Aerogarden Seed Starting System Bounty Indoor Garden 50 Seedlings
Miracle Gro Aerogarden Seed Starting System Bounty Indoor Garden 50 Seedlings
Time Remaining: 7d 9h 39m
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12 Responses to Beware of Catnip Crazed Cat: An Herby AeroGarden Overthrow

  1. Sandra says:

    The Aerogrow sounds great. I’ve been wanting to make a small garden for some time now, but this can be a challenge when living in an apartment. I look forward to reading your aerogrow review. It looks like Amazon is even having a sale on them–so all I need is a catnip crazed cat… 🙂
    .-= Sandra´s last blog ..U of A Underwear Run Across Campus =-.

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  5. M Keys says:

    i have an aerogrow and absolutely love it. my cooking has never tasted better. i highly recommend one to anyone interested.

  6. Steven Elias says:

    Aerogrow is good for herbs only?

  7. Scooby Costumes says:

    Thanks for sharing something about aerogrow, I’m quite skeptic at first, but this really changed my mind.

  8. Lee says:

    Hi this sounds interesting. I haven’t seen this before I suppose you can just grow away in you house . No need for any green space. You can actually watch your plants grow if your really keen.

    Sounds good thanks lee

  9. Lee says:

    I came back to this post to say I got one of these and have used it right through the winter for growing cress in. I love it I just pick bits off regularly tastes great.

    Thanks lee

  10. I found your post while looking around for catnip articles, looks very interesting!

  11. Savannah says:

    Thanks for sharing — really nice article and looks to be a cool product.

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