Alternative Energy

Solar Tiki Torches: Solar Patio Lighting with Pizazz

Solar Tiki Torches

Nothing beats a flaming ball of fire to give a little romantic ambiance to your patio or pool side parties, but if you are looking for something a little less dangerous and more eco-friendly check out these solar tiki torches. The Solar Tiki Torches Challenge Looking at the solar patio lighting options it looks like there are two contenders for …

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Sunforce 15 Watt Solar Battery Charger on Sale

Despite my last rant that Amazon does not have an eco-friendly or green category for their Cyber Week Lightning Deals they do offer some great sales on eco-friendly items now and then. For instance if you are one of the lucky peeps to read this in the next hour or so you might be able to catch this great Lightning …

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Lights of America LED: Night Light Maybe, Accent Light No

Review: Lights of America 40 watt LED Accent Lights Bottom line... Thumbs way Down • 3-Pack LED Torpedo Lights • Small Base, 30,000 Hour Life • Uses 1.5 watts (40 watt replacement) • Package of 3 saves up to $348 • Warm White, Mercury Free Well eco friends after a fun and exciting holiday (and a move into a new …

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6 1/2 Things to Do With Used Wrapping Paper

AKA I'm Dreaming of a White (Green) Christmas from Behind Bars After all the excitement of gift opening is done what do we do with all that used wrapping paper? Well in the spirit of eco-friendliness and originality I have come up with a few fun ideas for re-using wrapping paper - even better than composting the biodegradable wrapping paper …

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KipGrill: Earth Friendly Rotisserie Grilling

kipgrill rotisserie grill

When I first saw this video for the KipGrill I was thinking "wow solar or wind powered grilling!" Not quite, but still super cool. Here's the deal, the KipGrill uses the ascending hot air from the coals to drive the rotisserie, therefore no electricity, batteries or other power sources are needed making this one wicked earth friendly outdoor rotisserie grill. Well …

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