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AKC Recycled Dog Collars: 10lb Fluff Ball Chew-a-holic Proof

recycled dog collars

Our perky little puppy has a thing for dog collars, a contest if you will - to see how fast he can conquer those pesky restraints that us humans force upon him. Puppies love to chew granted, but Barley seems to take a devilish pride in how fast he can eat his way to freedom... until he made friends with …

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To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils and Eco-Friendly Utensil Holder

Do you have a pile of unused plastic utensils at home from various take out restaurants? Are you sick of the excess waste from all these pretty much worthless plastic utensils? To-Go Ware's founder, Stephanie Bernstein sure was and she had the inspiration to start To-Go Ware and the To-Go line of Bamboo utensils with the clever campaign Reduce Your …

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My Raspberry Pink Jambu Shoe Love Affair

jambu raspberry sandals

I now believe in love at first sight. While walking through Nordstroms I spied the shoes of my dreams - Jambu Planet Vegan shoes? Sounds like a delectably delightful ice-cream flavor. Only these delightful Jambu Mary Janes were a treat for my feet. My feet stopped unable to leave the mall. They had to know how they'd fit - these …

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My Corny Phone Tastes Like Butter: Samsung Reclaim an Eco-Friendly Phone

samsung reclaim

I was digging through an old copy of Popular Science magazine and discovered a review for the Samsung Reclaim M560 cell phone. This Earth Green Samsung Reclaim is, well Green. (Or you can get the Samsung Reclaim Blue - but I'm going somewhere with this so hold your pants) Samsung is following the lead of other tech gadget companies and …

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PowerGenix NiZN Rechargeable AA Batteries Saved Me From Vampire Bats!

I was spelunking in South America just this morning, I had my trusty high powered flashlight packed and ready for use when I heard the distinctive screech of an awakened and very thirsty colony of Desmodus rotundus, that's vampire bats to those not familiar with these fierce man eating creatures. (ok they aren't man eating but work with me here …

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6 1/2 Things to Do With Used Wrapping Paper

AKA I'm Dreaming of a White (Green) Christmas from Behind Bars After all the excitement of gift opening is done what do we do with all that used wrapping paper? Well in the spirit of eco-friendliness and originality I have come up with a few fun ideas for re-using wrapping paper - even better than composting the biodegradable wrapping paper …

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Hey, You Put Your Beer on My Village People!

Tune-tastic Christmas Gifts - Recycled LP Record Coasters Looking for a great gift for that music lover in your life? Check out these eco-friendly recycled Vintage Vinyl LP Record coasters from Vinylux. Vinylux has a unique selection of LP record coasters, party bowls, and even 45 rpm Record Clocks in several fun genres - Rock, Country, Crooners, Heavy Metal, Soul …

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Earthopoly An Earth Friendly Monopoly Game

eco-friendly monopoly game earthopoly

If you and your family are Monopoly junkies you'll get a kick out of this monopoly game variation. I was perusing eBay's World of Good and came across this earth-friendly find - Earthopoly. Just like the rest of the Opoly family of games from Late for the Sky Earthopoly is a board game in which you collect properties. But in …

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