Your Moshi Moshi Handset: A Retro Fad or Life Saving Technology

moshi moshi handset

Have you heard about the Moshi Moshi handset? And did you know that cell phones emit dangerous amounts of radiation? According to an article from the Environmental Working Group studies find significantly higher risks for brain and salivary gland tumors among people who have used cell phones for 10 years or longer. One of the key benefits you’ll enjoy from the Moshi Moshi handset is the elimination of up to 99% of the … Continue Reading »

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Super Creamy Buttermilk Chocolate Milk Recipe

chocolate milk recipe with buttermilk

Do you think you’d enjoy an extra special chocolate milk recipe? (yeah, dumb question it’s chocolate) I have to admit I hadn’t indulged in chocolate milk in a long time – but who says adults can’t enjoy a good chocolate milk now and then? And for that matter who says chocolate milk has to be completely unhealthy? Granted throwing overly sugared chocolate milk power into a glass of milk and giving it to … Continue Reading »

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Top 5 Natural Health Topics for 2011

5 most popular natural health topics

It is hard to believe Natural Health Goodies was started in December 2009 – where does the time go? Rhetorical question don’t answer that, unless you know the secret to stopping time so I can get more done in a day in that case please leave a detailed explanation in the comments. This past year has been an exciting ride for Natural Health at least personally as we have meet many fun and … Continue Reading »

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Good Old Fashioned Potatoes with Scrambled Eggs Recipe

scrambled eggs and potato recipe

Every once in awhile you make a meal that just works, it is easy to make and everyone loves it. (if you have kids or a picky spouse that instance can be quite rare and always treasured). That was the case with this potatoes and scrambled eggs recipe. Just this past Christmas Santa’s little elves came up with a winner and granted my wish with the book Nourishing Traditions. If you haven’t heard … Continue Reading »

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Haiku Grab Bag: Stylish with a Creative Handmade Feel

haiku grab bag eco-friendly bag

Creative Coolness with the Haiku Grab Bag Line Haiku Says: Poetic function at its best. The Haiku Grab Bag is all you need for a quick getaway. Throw in a wallet, phone, passport, lipstick, keys — and you’re off! Wear it on your shoulder, slung on your hip, or take off the strap and throw it in your matching Haiku to-go bag. He Says: Haiku has done it again with this small yet … Continue Reading »

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Eco-Friendly KEEN Newport Pack Backpack

KEEN Newport Pack for Sale

KEEN Newport Pack Backpack KEEN Says: Go from the office to the trailhead with the KEEN Newport Pack. Versatility is built into the pack with a laptop sleeve and hydration bladder pocket. Padded shoulder straps adjust to your preferred comfort level. Zippered pockets both inside and out allow easy access to essentials on and off the trail. He Says: There is something about this KEEN Newport Pack Backpack that really appeals to me … Continue Reading »

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Jambu Nomad Waterproof Boots or Super Cozy Slippers?

Is it wrong to want to wear your winter boots around the house like slippers? Well, that’s what I did for the first day when I got my new Jambu Nomad boots. I wasn’t sure when the right time to wear boots outdoors was. Normally at this time of year we have plenty of snow and everyone would have to break out the winter boots, but since we’ve had a long warm Fall … Continue Reading »

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3 Fair Trade Items That Make Unique Ethical Gifts

Fair Trade Christmas Ornaments

Three Fair Trade gifts for Christmas to feel good about Having a hard time coming up with gift ideas this holiday season? If you are like me you have no idea what you want for Christmas much less what to get for the rest of your family members. Well, I figured it was a good time to take a look at eBay’s World of Good for some inspirational Fair Trade items. World of … Continue Reading »

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